Toilet Repair Los Angeles & Installation

Do you need Toilet Repair Los Angeles ?When you have problems with your toilet you need a professional. A professional who knows what they are doing and backed by a license and insurance.

Toilet Repair Los Angeles

Clogged Toilet

How many times have we been through a toilet that does not flush correctly. If your toilet needs regular plunging there is likely a major problem. These issues can be a trap or backup further down the drainpipe.

Leaky Toilet

When you hear running in your systems tanks for duration of time after flushing you have a leak. Water is being dumped down overflow and loosing water daily. You can loose upwards to 100 gallons a day by a worn out pipe.


If you had a toilet made before 1994 they may be costing you tons in water. Older systems used 2.5 gallons per flush, the new systems use only 1.6 gallons per flush. Call and have an expert from West Coast come address your system.

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  • According to the World Toilet Organization,the average person used a toilet 6 to 8 times per day. That is over 2,400 times yearly.
  • Sir John Harington, a member of Queen Elizabeth I’s court, is credited with the invention of the modern flush toilet back in 1596. However, it was several years before Harington’s model was modified, and in 1775, English inventor Alexander Cumming became the first person to get the flush toilet patented.

When you need services you need to hire professionals who have licenses and insurances to protect you. If you need any services please call us today at West Coast and see what other services we can do. Sometimes simple checkup calls are all that are needed to get the job done.

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