Snaking Los Angeles

Snaking Los Angeles 

• Job is completed with an auger
• The plumber will put the cable through the sewer line
• Attaching a coal at the end will allow the steel cable to tackle any obstructions


• Also known as auger
• An auger is a coiled spiral • 1/4 inches thick


The snake consists of a handle. You begin by pushing
the auger in the clog. Next, you crank it in further, allowing the
snake to reach and have access to the clog.This technique also breaks down parts of the clog and discards it down the drain.

  1. Add pressure to the end of the snake, pushing it further down the drain opening
  2. Twist the handle
  3. Keep moving further down the drain
  4. If there is difficulty fitting the snake down the drain, try

    adding great pressure when cranking

  5. Once you have reached the curve, sliding it down is a

    easy task

  6. Slide until you reach the clog
  7. Twist the snake, breaking through the clog
  8. Rotating the snake allows the snake to tear or spin away the blockage
  9. If the clog is a solid material, tug the snake out which tears out the clog
  10. Open the water at high force and allow it to run for a couple minutes
  11. If the clog remains to not move, the water may flush it away

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