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Sewer Line Repair in Los Angeles, CA

Do you need Sewer Line Repair Los Angeles Services by West Coast? Here at West  we are based  inthe Los Angeles County and service many cities in the Cities in the San Fernando Valley. West Coast has many years of Sewer Repair  experience in sewer line repair industry is ready to aide with both residential and commercial work being done by us.

Allow us to come out and runa  camera to see whether you have tree roots or a broken line. Many old plumbing systems use old clay pipes which do break down over time. Many sewer line repair companies like to now use ABS piping. Both ABS and PVC are used in pipes because they are non-toxic and resistant to abrasion.  The following image is to let you see how your sewer line can possibly be connected. Sometimes all you need is a hydro jetting to clear out lines and you do not need to replace any sewer line.




Sewer Line Repair Los Angeles

West Coast is able to handle large jobs and basic jobs. We assist with trenchless liners and liners and can come to your home today for a free assement. Specialists use a backhoe to dig trenches throughout traditional sewer repair to navigate your primary sewer line.Professionals discover the issue of the sewer line at the source and start taking suitable and radical action to resolve it. If strong segments of the sewer line have to be supplanted, traditional sewer maintenance is needed. It’s quite efficient, but partly dug up your yard. Fortunately, traditional sewer repair is not always essential whenever there is a sewer line issue.

Trench- Less Repair

The trench-less repair of sewer may not involve any digging! Alternatively, to check the pipe’s internal walls, the specialist plugs a unique, tiny camera into the sewer line. This implies no excavation yards, broken driveways or destroyed parking areas. Using the camera’s live video recordings, the operator defines the sewer line issue. The plumber understands how to solve it once the issue is recognized. If debris or plant roots restrict the line, we will be using a hydro jetter to clean everything out. If the pipe is damaged, we may re-line it with a resin compound called “place pipe healing,” or CIPP.

Camera Inspection -Plumbing Services

  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Drain Cleaning Clean outs
  • Water Heater Installation And Repairs
  • Tank Less Heaters
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Sewer Line Replacement And Repairs

Sewer Line Repair Los Angeles

Our Sewer Line Repair Los Angeles Services  by West Coast are held a standard that we seek to be industry moving. Our Pride in our  work and professionalism is what makes us who we are. When you need assistance please give us a call today so that we can assist you. Do not let unlicensed and unprofessional workers damage your sewer lines by doing less than adequate work.


Cipp can be straight placed into the outdated pipe, which will heal and consolidate to form a fresh, lasting tube.If the entire piping section needs repair, a method called “pipe bursting” can be used to draw a fresh pipe through the outdated one. The old pipe “bursts” as the fresh tube reaches the outdated tube to create space for the present one. Trench-less repair of the sewer is quicker, less invasive, and significantly cheaper than conventional repair of sewer, but in all conditions, it may not be practicable.

How to know if your Sewer line is damaged

Your primary sewer line passes below the floor, under your house and property, but it may still be damaged by many factors. Tree Roots: The most frequent cause of harm to the sewer line. Their root systems dig further into the floor as the trees develop in your garden. With sufficient strength to knock through pipe walls, roots can begin to cause a rupture which begins blocking the movement in the line. Sediment Buildup: On tube walls, such as the sewer primary line walls, nutrients and other wreckage in your water can accumulate over time. If sufficient sediment constructs on the corners of the sewer lines, water flow may be blocked. If the block is terrible enough, until it breaks, tension can accumulate in the pipe.

Rust: Many other sewer lines are made of metal, which implies rusting or corroding over a sufficiently long period of time. Rusty tubes can crack or break. This is especially probable
if your residence is aged or if your pipes are made of inferior fabric. High Pressure: If the liquid in your home is pressurized, it can put more pressure on your sewer line than it can manage. Inner tube walls can also be worn over high-pressure water. Ground shifting: The pipe may detach, twist, or crack off if the ground moves around or below the sewer line. Earthquakes may stir the surface enough to do this, but it may also be liable for other natural catastrophes or neighboring significant buildings.

Signs and Symptoms

Slab leaks are becoming a prevalent issue for many property owners. Some prospective slab leakage early warning signs and side effects are:
• Pricy water bill
• Hot spots on your ground
• Water flowing from walls or outside your residence
• Fading on floors and walls
• Hearing water flowing when everything is switched off
• The water sensor still running after turning off the primary water shut-off valve.

Do Not Hesitate To Call

Do not hesitate to call our leak detection experts regarding symptoms or suspect leakage. We’re here to assist! If you assume a water leak, the first task you should do is lock down the water system to your property. If you are uncertain how to do this, kindly call us first and for instant help, our answering service will match you with a specialist.

What is a slab leak?

A Slab Leak is when your house is established on or below a broken pipe or water puncture. Unless dealt with in a timely fashion, this can become a significant issue. The water will start rising through the base in most times and may possibly flood your property.

What causes a slab leak?

In general, slab leaks are triggered by outdated tube, inexpensive equipment, hard water, soil corrosion, and electrolysis. With greater than ordinary water pressure, the possibility of a slab leak is improved. To avoid potential problems with your plumbing regime, it is essential to verify the water pressure of your home almost every 6 months.

Slab Leak Detection

Leak detection is the first phase in finding the leaking pipe correctly and identifying the plumbing system in your household. Our leak detection experts are instructed with state-of-the-art electronic and radar facilities to find the leak exactly in or below the concrete slab. Once the leak is situated, the required measures will be taken to instantly repair or replace the leaking pipe.

Slab Leak Repair Options

We perform two primary slab leak repair alternatives. The first alternative that we recommend is to redirect the broken pipe. Here we top off and leave the outdated pipe below the slab and introduce a fresh, flexible overhead tube through both the walls and ceiling. This alternative saves you time and funds, offering you with a slab leak as the most cost-effective alternative. The second choice is a repair of immediate access where we chopped the pipe into the concrete. Due to post- tension slabs of concrete, base changes and the reality that the same pipe may pick up a further leak in the future, this alternative is not generally suggested in our region

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Our years of experience makes us different from many other fly by night start up plumbing companies. We are a locally owned plumbing company that can be provided around the clock plumbing work for commercial and residential workers. Keep in mind even minor leaks can cost quite a lot and you should not wait for issues to get worse.

Fixing Sewer Problems

Sewer repair can seem scary  since most sewer lines are buried under your backyard or sometimes your drive way. Our plumbers at West Coast work hard to make sure your issues are fixed timely and properly.

These Are Signs You Should Look For In Your Sewer Lines

  • Toilet Back Ups
  • Bathtub Drain Back Ups
  • Foul Smells In The Bathroom
  • Improper Flushing Toilet
  • Discolored Water

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We seek for you to get the best plumbing and sewer line repair services without the headache. When these issues come up as they often do when you least expect call us for a fast plumber local in Beverly Hills, CA. Our emergency sewer line repair are here even weekends. Be prepared and do not let someone destroy your property by not doing the job correctly. 

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