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Are you needing Plumber Los Angeles services by West Coast Plumbing and water heater ?  In a word today consumed with plumbing companies looking to make a quick dollar or meeting monthly quotas,  West Coast Water Heater Repair And Plumbing has been dedicated, since its origins,  to provide high quality plumbing services backed by high-quality professionals. West  Coast Water Heater  And Plumbing focuses on much work done in the Jefferson City area and surrounding cities. Our focus is on services such as water heater repairs and re piping and 24 hour emergency plumber services. When your water heater as a leak especially if the leak is coming from the bottom this may indicate you need a new water heater.

Plumber Los Angeles Services

  1. Sewer Line Repairs
  2. Water Heater Installs
  3. New Toilet Installations
  4. Drain Cleaning
  5. Hydro Jetting
  6. Kitchen Clogs
  7. Garbage Disposal Services


Plumber Los  Angeles Originally West Coast Water Heater Repair and Plumbing began as a one-stop shop for plumbing, sewer line repairs, Hvac, Heater Repair  and Kitchen drain lines services. Since than we have now added more services to what we do and refer out. Having emergency plumbing services and weekend plumbers is not apart of our work. And again water heaters are our specialty we take pride in doing these and doing these well. New Customers do get 25 dollars off if you mention code WC252020. In addition seniors





  •  Emergency Plumbing
  • Sewer Line Repairs
  • Experience
  • On Call Plumbers
  • Water Heater Repair

Having Tree roots get into your sewer lines can cause major damage. They also cause breaks in the line which can cause sewage backup. Allow a professional plumber West Coast to assist you with showing you all options possible in regards to fixing your sewer line issues. Often times part of a sewer line can be fixed without replacing the whole unit. Water Heater Repair Jefferson City Mo services by West Coast are here for you.


What does one do when faced with large sewage backups that require a quick plumber fast ? It is of the most importance you work with a company who can provide camera inspections as well as an accurate rendering of what issues may be in your drains. Many companies can misdiagnose your pluming issues and cause you to get more plumber work done than you often times need.

If you live in Jefferson City MO or have a commercial property that has been ruined by a leaking pipe which caused water damage you need a expert from West Coast to come and assist you. Water damage is a serious issue and delaying water damage can often lead to more damage if you do not handle the issue correctly. Often the best cures to water damage is water prevention. Be sure to have a water damage expert from West Coast to come and inspect your plumbing problems.


Water Heater Repair Jefferson City MO EMERGENCY LEAK DETECTION IN Los Angeles 

When you need an emergency  water heater service in Los Angeles or a re-piping, you can not afford to have unskilled plumber doing the job. Handyman while may be able to assist with basic plumbing are not skilled for more advanced plumbing issues. We use our skills and experience when it comes to addressing our clients plumbing problems. 

When a solution can be showed, you need to first know the problem and its source. Our goal is always to visibly assess the plumbing problem area. This allows us to show you visibility and what exactly the problem is so you are not kept in the dark about what is going on.



We have water heater repairs for gas water heaters and tank less heater installations. Many times we have to just do repairs and not full on water heater repair replacements.


Gas lines can be dangerous if not done correctly.  Extreme care should be done around natural gas. Call West Coast we can even work with insurance.


Tank-less water heaters are very popular with homeowners because of their small size, long life-span, and energy efficiency. These type of heaters heat up water without using a tank. In addition Tank-less water heaters can help lower your monthly utility bills. This allows  homeowners to have peace of mind that they have reliable equipment running in their home. Give us a call today to find out more about tank-less water heaters.


Common type of hot water heater is a Tank-Type Hot Water Heater. These hot water heaters store the hot water in the tank until you are ready to use it. Our plumbers are experienced to help you choose the perfect Tank Hot Water Heater for your home. Tank-Type Hot Water Heater maintenance, installation, and repairs are complicated, only skilled plumbers should do them. Give us a call today for all of your hot water heater needs.  Our plumbers have energy efficiency, cost efficiency and long-lasting products for you in mind.


Re piping is the process of removing the old and rusty pipes in your home and putting in new ones that will improve the pressure, sometimes up sizing copper sizing and quality of your water. If your home has had problems running multiple fixtures simultaneously,  rusty water, or even low water pressure then your home likely needs re-piping. Always hire a licensed and insured plumbing company, because re piping is one of plumbing’s most difficult jobs.


Having licensed plumbers perform annual plumbing inspections is a great way of avoiding those plumbing issues. Plumbing inspections ensure that your plumbing system is running at maximum efficiency. With a plumbing inspection can catch issues before they become very costly. Save money in the long-run by detecting plumbing issues early. Give us a call for service.


Drain lines can clog up unexpectedly causing major inconveniences for you and your family. Don’t worry, these are very common problems help you. Ignoring clogged drains can lead to major repairs that will be much more expensive. Some drain repairs can be more complicated than the most typical do-it-yourself jobs. A popular brand of water heaters is Bradford white

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