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Natural gas services

Natural Gas Services

Why natural gas? Affordable, beneficial and clean. Natural gas is an important part of our everyday life, from cooking meals to drying clothes. Using natural gas also means you’re spending less money on energy bills. Now that’s an idea to warm up to.

West Coast Water Heaters is the trusted energy provider for residential customers throughout the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Ventura County. We’ve provided natural gas services to for more than 22 years, and we know you count on us to be safe, reliable and efficient.

We take this responsibility seriously, and we’re pleased to offer you these tools, resources, products and services, all designed to help you manage your home energy needs. Call us today!

West Coast Water Heaters is dedicated to helping you save energy and money. Our programs and tools will help you estimate the cost savings you could achieve, just by choosing more efficient equipment and appliances, or by adopting better energy efficiency practices.

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Every one of our friendly, knowledgeable Technicians can help you with any of the following along with many other services:

  • Drilling & Pressure Pumping
  • Flare Fuel
  • Boilers
  • Generators & Power Plants
  • Over The Road
  • Mining
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