Garbage Disposal Installment Step#1: Turn off the system near the service panel Take off the cover of the base Loosen the screw Remove the wire connectors Step#2: Unscrew the bolts on the dishwasher Remove the hose Pull it from its fitting Step#3: Remove the damaged system. If you want to remove the dispenser, put pressure on the bottom Rotate the three tab ring in clockwise direction, until it comes off Unscrew the three bolts and removing the ring Push the drain off and clean the old putty Step#4: Attach putty Put a drain assembly Make a 1/2 inch thick putty, about ten inches long Attach putty on the bottom of the drain Add pressure and press onto the hole of the sink Step#5: To complete the drain arrangement, slide a piece of the cardboard washer
Attach the ring to the drain spud Step#6: Attach the ring onto the spud Step#7: Screw the bolts on tight with a slotted screwdriver Make sure the putty comes out and is tightened onto the sink Step#8: If your old disposal was made out of inflexible conduit, consider an upgrade Start off by attaching the previous box connector on the bottom base of the new installment Step#9: Get the conduit and wires in the connector and tighten the conduit Attach the wire and black lead in a single wire connector Get the white wire and attach it in another connector Bind the wires below the green screw and change the cover Step#10: If you want to use the dishwasher fitting, remove the plug with a screwdriver Extend your hand to get the disposer and try to retrieve Step#11: Try engaging the mounting ring tab Use a screwdriver on the ring and rotate clockwise until the base is out Step#12:
Attach the rubber washer above the end of the crosspiece put a metal flange on the other side Push the flange in the slot of the disposer Tighten the bold through the ceiling of the flange Step#13: Cut the crosspiece Attach to the drain tee Connect the P trap
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