Copper Re Pipe Work

Copper Re-Piping

Repiping copper are known to be long lasting. Copper pipes are known to not deteriorate. If you notice discolored water odor, it may be the time to change you’re pipes. Rust stacks up overtime, effecting the flow of the water.


Replacing the iron or galvanized pipes with copper pipes will be a greater choice. If you call an expert plumber, he will begin looking at the pattern of the pipes, so later on, he can match it to the old pipes. Next, you start to clean the pipe and the fittings. Get the flux paste to clean the copper pipe. Then, check if the cold water pipe is connected to the cold running water.

Advantages of re-piping:

Many believe copper re-piping is pricy. Choosing copper re-piping can
benefit you in the long run. Choosing copper, rather than plastic polymers, can prevent damages to your walls and floors. Plastic polymers tend to become less efficient as time passes, which leads to repair and re-installation services. Copper repiping is usually is a decent option for condominiums, industrial structures, regular
apartments, and residential individuals.o

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