Boiler Repairs

Boilers Repairs 

Boilers gather cold water by cycling it through heated pipes. After that, it distributes the hot or steamed water all throughout your house. Many factors determine the price of the installation.

Costs And Information

• Installed of replaced: $3,300-$7,350 • Averageprice:$5,280

High-Efficiency Models

• Save energy bills in the long run

• Moreinitialinvestment

Sealed-Combustion Boilers

  • Air is drawn from outside for combustion
  • No indoor air is used
  • Avoids back drifting
  • Does not allow toxins such as carbon monoxide into the houseCombination Boiler

    • Also known as “Combi”
    • Great for small residential areas (studios or apartments) • Does not consist of a storage tank
    • Gets water from water mains
    • Tank can be added
    • Provides both hot water and heat on demand
    • Average price: $1,300

    System Boiler

  • Also known as sealed-system boilers
  • Includes water pressure which fastens the process
  • Stores water in a cylinder
  • Places in average areas
  • If the heated water runs out, an increase of wait time occursStandard Boiler
  • Also known as conventional Boilers
  • Heats the water rapidly
  • Placed in larger areas, such as buildings and homes
  • Used mainly for floor heating
  • AverageCost:$3,500

Water heaters


Consists of a storage heater with heated tubes

Delivers hot water to steam

The system siphons the hot water from the ceiling of the heater

Can hold heat more than air

Delivers hot water

Steam is lighter than water




Save more money

Fuel Type:

• Run on natural gas
• Run on propane
• Oil-fired are common models • Can be fueled by wood
• Average cost: $2,300

Boiler Replacement Costs

  • Epairs:$300-$500
  • Replacement of a standard gas boiler: $4,000
  • High-efficiency model: $7,700
  • Replacement of a boiler: $7,000
  • Test a boiler for problems: $500
  • Replacement of tank: $1,000-$2,000 (Below ground: $3,000)
  • Testthesoilbeforereplacement:$300-$500
  • Small environmental cleanup: $2,500-$10,000 (Average: $3,000-$5,000)
  • Ground contamination (major): $15,000-$100,000RATINGS
  • Every unit has a annual fuel utilizations efficiency
  • The bigger the rating the higher the efficiency
  • The more energy efficient, the more costly it willbe to replace or to fix
  • A rate of 80 or higher willlower your costs from about thirty percent


• If too small or too big, it will not benefit the energy saving. Call us for Reliable Boiler/ Heater Repair Service


• Permits are required
• Costs of permits depend on where you live ($45-$350)
• A few governments ask for an inspection before any installations are made

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